E-Contents: Chemistry

Sl No: Topic Name Document
1 Group Theory Dr. Abi T G
2 Freundlich and Lamgmuir Adsorption Isotherms Dr. Franklin John
3 Spin Dr. Franklin John
4 Drugs acting on CNS Dr. Grace Thomas
5 Immunotherapy for Cancer Dr. Ignatious Abraham
6 Adsorption from Solutions Dr. Ignatious
7 BET Isotherm Dr. Ignatious
8 Collision Parameters Dr. Ignatious
9 Colloids and Micelles Dr. Ignatious
10 Conductometric Titration Dr. Ignatious
11 Critical Phenomena Dr. Ignatious
12 Deductions from Kinetic Gas Equation Dr. Ignatious
13 Degrees of Freedom Dr. Ignatious
14 Electrokinetic Effects Dr. Ignatious
15 Freundlich and Lamgmuir Adsorption Isotherms Dr. Ignatious
16 Gas Laws Dr. Ignatious
17 Heat Capacity of Gases Dr. Ignatious
18 Kinetic Gas Equation Dr. Ignatious
19 Kinetic Theory Dr. Ignatious
20 Liquid State Dr. Ignatious
21 Maxwell Distribution of Molecular Velocities Dr. Ignatious
22 Phase Equilibrium Dr. Ignatious
23 Potentiometric Titration Dr. Ignatious
24 Types of Velocities Dr. Ignatious
26 Quantum Mechanics Dr. Jorphin Joseph
27 Surface Films Dr. Jose K B
28 Real Gases Dr. Joseph T Moolayil
29 Organic Photochemistry Dr. June Cyriac
30 equilibrium ppt Dr. Maria Linsha
31 carbonnano tube Dr. Midhun Dominc
32 carbonnano tube Dr. Midhun Dominic C D
33 Gaseous State Dr. Ragi A S
34 Solid state Dr. Ramakrishnan S
35 Bioinorganic Chemistry Dr. Senju Davassykutty
36 Surface Chemistry Spectroscopic Techniques Dr. Thommachan Xavier
37 Dendrimers Dr. V S Sebastian
38 Nuclear chemistry Ms. Ammu Rosin Jose
39 bioinorganic chemistry Ms. T V Soumya
40 Thermodynamics Ms. T V Soumya
41 Antibiotics Ms. Vidyalekshmi K P